Zelda Time to Triumph (Zelda 3T) is a fandmade Zelda game.

After the events that occured in Termina and the victory of the hero on his evil alter-ego, Zelda and Link knew that, from the bottom of hell, Ganon the immortal drawed his power from his wish to the Triforce, and rounded up his army with a view to invade Hyrule. Until the day when, after months spent watching out for an attack, an event came up and put an end to this endless waiting…

Release notes:

What has been fixed:
1) Correct Button displays while doing text conversations.
Button re-mapping:
Display Map – L Shoulder
See defeated monsters – X
See fishes – X
See barter items – X
Oni Link transformation – X
2) Why changing Map button from X to L?
Ans. Since, throughout the game you have to use maps all the times therefore; I have
assinged a dedicated button for it.
3) Why X button has been used for so many actions?
Ans. It’s because different items are collected in different parts of the game.

New Game Control:
Move Player — D-Pad
Run — Hold A (if you own boots)
Use the sword — B (if you own a sword)
Great technique — B to load, release when fully
charged (after the tone) to use a spin attack.
Look around — R + D-Pad (outside dungeons)
Selected Object — Y (only when the selected object is useable)
Lift an item — A (and A again to throw it)
Display Map — L (outside or in a dungeon)
See defeated monsters — X (after finding it)
See fishes — X
See barter items — X
Oni Link transformation — X
Open a chest/Read/Speak — B
Select/Confirm/Pass — Start
Access/Quit the selection item menu — Start
Quit/Save — Select