Dingoonity Firmware v1.2 is a custom firmware for the Dingoo-A320. It has been created by omgmog for the community at dingoonity.org, which should not hold you back to try it as it’s downloadable for everyone.


08/november/2009 – First version released

This firmware is a modified version of the 1.2 firmware for the Dingoo. It features fixed/corrected strings for the menu, and custom theme support. Included is the “PSPingoo” theme from http://www.dingoo-digital.com/forums/theming/psdingoo-theme-v1-psp-xmb-theme-dingoo

You should be able to install this by simply putting the a320.hxf file onto the root of your Dingoo’s internal memory, and holding down on the dpad while the Dingoo boots.

If you can’t install using this method because the Dingoo says that you’ve already got this firmware version, you can use this guide to install using the Dingoo Firmware Flasher – http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-hacks/guide-flashing-custom-firmwares-to-your-dingoo/