Dooom is a Doom port for the Dingoo Native OS by the_wub, which itself is based mainly on the Chocolate Doom source port by Simon Howard.


– Removed my stupid music volume hack that prevented music from being completely muted.
– Fixed enemy AI problems and BFG ammo bug by adding back dehacked support.
– Added support for modified wads. If all you want to do is play the official wads then the app will work exactly as it did before (with all your wads in the Dooom folder). To run a modified wad or total conversion you will need to create a text file called “comline.wub” that contains the command line options needed. It is also best to make sure that the Dooom folder only contains the files needed for the wad you want to play. It *should* be possible to specify these details with the command line options but I haven’t been able to do so reliably yet. For example, Aliens TC needs these files: ALITCSF.WAD, ALITCSND.WAD, ALITCWAD.WAD, ATCUD19.DEH and DOOM.WAD
– The command line options to run the wad are: chocolate-doom -deh atcud19.deh -merge alitcsf.wad -file alitcsnd.wad alitcwad.wad – Copy/paste that line of text into a new notepad document and save it as “comline.wub” in the /GAME/DOOOM/ folder.
– When you launch the app you can select an over-clock value as before and then press START to launch the wad. More information on running some of the popular wads can be found here:
– The command line can also be used to launch an official wad with extra options like -nomonsters etc…