Lingoox is a Linux for the Dingoo A320 and other JZ47xx based devices.

Ignacio Garcia (aka booboo) has been a bit silent recently, but here comes another interesting bit to read!


Sorry for the slow updates. I’ve had to deal with lots of unexpected trouble during testing of dual-boot, plus school finished recently and thus my two daughters require more attention.

I appreciate your support very much and I know you’re all holding your breath for the dual-boot functionality, so, please excuse me for the delay.

This is what’s been done:

Dual boot code has been moved from U-Boot to the SPL: removes tiny delay introduced when booting the original firmware.

LCD support implemented both in SPL and U-Boot (both ILI9325 and ILI9331). The LCD now goes live immediately on bootup, which is great when loading linux because otherwise you would see a black LCD for a couple of seconds until the kernel framebuffer driver kicks in, and it is a bit confusing.
Implemented access to the SPL area (first eraseblock of NAND) in the linux kernel. This allows flashing the dual-boot binaries from linux.

Streamlined the flashing of the dual-boot binaries from linux.
This is what needs to be done:

Add a simple dialog that shows a disclaimer and asks for confirmation before flashing the dual-boot binaries.
That is very easy and I just need a couple of hours to do it, so I can assure there will be a release tomorrow or the day past tomorrow.

One final note: someone posted a comment pointing out that lingoox might sound a bit offensive in some contexts. If this is a problem we’re on time to change it… so please let me know.