Spiller presents a third beta of his Atari Lynx emulator, LynGOO, for the Dingoo A320.

Release notes:

Third and last beta:


This beta disables a render hack which was present in the Handy port I used as a base for LynGOO. This hack is responsible for almost all graphical glitches found with previous betas. The render hack may now be enabled from the menu for special cases. The sound has been improved a lot as well.

Please note that this beta may feel a lot slower than previous betas. This is mostly because previous versions were running at max speed (mostly somewhere between 115% and 130%). The new version tries to run at exactly 100% of the real Lynx speed. Auto frameskip has been added to help accomplish this with somewhat slower games. There is some debug display onscreen which tells the speed percentage, number of FPS and frameskip chosen. This display will be removed in the final version ofcourse.

This will be the last beta for this emulator. I plan on fixing the freezes which some people have encountered and then release the final version 1.0. I am not sure yet whether the ‘render hack’ option should stay in the menu. Therefore I’d really like some opinions on this new version compared to the previous one.

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de/PNphpBB2-file-viewtopic-t-13797.html for the news.