After three beta releases, Spiller presents v1.0 of his Atari Lynx emulator LynGOO. This emulator is written for native Dingoo and does not require any Dingoo Linux (Dingux) install.

Release notes:

LynGOO v1.0

LynGOO is a Dingoo A320 port of Keith Wilkins Atari Lynx emulator Handy. This port is partly based on a PSP port of Handy, Plynx ( ).

Do not ask the author for ROMs. I don’t have them.


Follow these steps to enjoy playing Atari Lynx games on your Dingoo:

1) Get ‘lynxboot.img’ file and download it. Due to licensing restrictions I cannot bundle it with this emulator.
2) Install LynGOO.SIM and lynxboot.img in the GAME folder of your Dingoo.
3) Install your *.LNX files on your Dingoo (for example in GAME/LNX).
4) Select one of the LNX files from the “Interesting game” menu item.

Press SELECT+START to bring up the emulator menu. The volume can be changed in-game by pressing the left and right shoulder buttons.


v1.0 (11 Nov 2009) – Initial release.


Created by Spiller, reachable through the forums. Thanks to Flatmush for the stdlib work and to Alekmaul for his sound threading.