Spiller has been improving his Atari Lynx emulator LynGOO. This emulator is written for native Dingoo and does not require any Dingoo Linux (Dingux) install.

Here are Spiller’s recent thoughts about v1.2:

Decision taken: LynGOO 1.2 is not going to be overclocking by default anymore. My initial thought was that the Dingoo was underclocked just to preserve battery, but it seems I was wrong. Some people have Dingoos which do not run stable at 400MHz because of heat problems. The TV out problem is interesting as well. It may mean that the TV out has to be reinitialized / synced after changing the CPU speed or it may mean that the TV out doesn’t work at all when overclocked.

I will do my ultimate best to squeeze a bit more performance out of LynGOO and see if I can run even more games at 100% without overclocking. Handy was not designed for performance however. Also the framerate for the problem games (Shadow of the Beast, Chip’s Challenge) most often is 75 FPS which is quite high. The frameskip option in Handy is worthless too; the only thing it does is stop the emulator from outputting a frame to the screen, all effort put into painting that frame has already been done by that time.