Another emulator port by Reesy, SMSPlus!

Release notes:


Yes thats right its another SMSPLUS port…you can never have too many ports right 😉

I started this before Dingear was released, if I had known someone else was working on a port I would probably not have bothered but hey the work is done now so I may as well release it.

Just in case you have never heard of SMS Plus, it is a Sega Master and Sega Game Gear Emulator originally created by a bloke called Charles MacDonald ( ).

Downloads are below.

Installation instructions can be found in the readme.txt found in the zip file but basically just copy the contents of the file to the Games directory on your Dingoo and then update your jukebox. You should then be able to launch SMS and GG roms via the Roms menu option on your Dingoo.

Press SELECT to enter the menu system where you can change various settings and save or load your games etc.

The emulator is based on the excellent Dingoo SDK created by Flatmush and Harteex and so should work on all Dingoo models.