Craig/GBAX is obviously trying to put his power into developing a homebrew scene for the Dingoo device.

Here is a minore quote:

The A320 is a cool little mini open handheld which is
especially good for emulating classic systems such as GBA,
NES, Neo-Geo, CPS, Sega etc.

It can be thought of as a faster, smaller GP2X, the manufacturer is hoping it will have a similar following.

We are working on getting MAME, Amiga and Atari working, together with setting up a developing scene for this device.

This sounds too nice to be true. PDRoms also tried to get in touch with the people behind the Dingoo A320. The marketing manager Peter does not speak english well and the english responsible corresponding lady Sofia is a bit slow in answering things. Once again it seems to be more than hard to get in touch with a company, which probably does not know anything about homebrew at all.