Alekmaul is about to port XFlib to native Dingoo. More about XFlib can be found here:


To help devs on OS native, i’m going to implement a multimedia lib for Dingoo OS Native.
This lib is a port of xflib and will help you to make game for OS native.

What will you have in it :
– Multiple Backgrounds handling (tiles / bitmap in 16 bits mode), with gif /jpeg and perhaps png support if i solve pb with std functions
– Text handling
– Sprites (with rotation)
– wav sound support (4 channels with 16 bits unsigned, 22050 khz)

I think the lib will be available at the end of this week (so you will have enough time to use it for dingoo digital contest ^^)

If you need some nice feature in it, just tell me, i will try to implement it.

Thanks to alekmaul himself for the news.