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weDict v0.9

weDict is a multi-language dictionary app for iPhone and iPod touch. The dictionary files are compatible with stardict ( )

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Tuna-viDS v1.0

Tuna-viDS plays AVI files that contain Xvid encoded video and MP3 encoded audio. Tuna-viDS will load files from the path supplied by a loader. The loader itself is included in the tuna-viDS download. The loader source code is also available

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Pocket Pixie DS (Alpha)

Pocket Pixie DS is a little painting application allowing you to pixel graphics directly on your Nintendo

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OldPlay v1.31

OldPlay is a portable multiformat music player for the GP2X and other platforms

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Vero Design Advance v1.0

Vero Design Advance is a CAD package designed to help you layout Veroboard/stripboard designs on your Gameboy Advance

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Jabber DS v0.2

JabberDS is a jabber client to be used with the Nintendo

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Pocket Finance Diary v2.0

Pocket Finance Diary is a simple financial manager for tracking expenses. Using Pocket Finance Diary you will have more income available, and you will perform your expenses in a more efficient manner. Pocket Finance Diary is a completly FREE Software. It contains absolutely NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO REGISTRATION, NO POPUPS, NO MALWARE or other unwanted software. Pocket Finance Diary

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DScratch (22-01-2008)

DScratch is a little audio manipulation software running on Nintendo DS, which ables you to play with an .wav audio sample, a recorded audio sample or even audio streaming from DS’s embedded mic; you can pitch, scratch, rewind, mute and apply effects on the sound. Moreover, DScratch sends MIDI through wifi connection, which ables you to control external applications, like

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SwirlyMMS v0.2.2

SwirlyMMS is a MMS application for the iPhone

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GBA Notepad

Instead of a videogame, this is a useful NOTEBOOK for Gameboy Advance. You can type notes in 59-pages, choose 30 or 60-characters across, and can change the background picture for each page. There are 3 MODES in GBA-Notepad. You can press two arrow keys at the same time so diagonal movements are possible. This will speedup message entry

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