ReGBA by Nebuleon is a Game Boy Advance emulator based ultimately on gpSP 0.9 by Exophase. The project is currently in alpha. This build is a preview for your consideration. Some features are missing and will be coded later. You can also submit patches on GitHub.

Release notes:

ReGBA alpha 11 is available.


This build contains a quick fix for Doom’s garbled graphics. As I suspected, MIPS32 R2 instructions are to blame. I disabled some of them (and will need to revalidate them before enabling them again later). The performance will be up to 4% less in any release from now on until the MIPS32 R2 instructions are validated, which will be unnoticeable in all games except Mario Golf and Tennis.

In this release, there is also a small change to the progress bar. The text is now inside the bar, and the background is TRS-80 blue.

The last commit that went into this build is commit fbc3d1a: “OpenDingux: Quick fix to disable most MIPS32 R2 instructions in the stub, but allow the SYNCI instruction.”.