Fresh from the GCW Zero Kickstarter page, CEO Justin Barwick writes about the current status update:


We are diligently working on implementing mini HDMI/Analog TV out to the console currently and it looks like we will have Analog TV out very soon. So keep your eyes out for a demonstration in the coming weeks of TV out function.

We are also working on the Open GL implementation we have a team of three dedicated developers working on it right now the driver is closed source but our hope is to very soon have an open source driver.

We are also working on USB 2.0 OTG but that is slow going. If you are a developer and interested in helping out the cause and have driver development experience in either USB or OpenGL, We could definitely use the assistance to implement these two features a lot quicker. If you are interested please contact me @

Once we achieve these three goals we will be comparable to the GAMESTICK only our console will be portable and playable on the go versus having to have a TV to use the device we believe that’s one advantage of our device over most on the market right now.