In an effort to bring back some life into the GP32 scene, diabol of #gp32dev fame presents you the GP32 Revival Coding Compo!

– The compo starts Monday, January 7th, 2008 and ends 2 weeks after 20 people submitted their entries.
– You can use whatever programming language/toolkit you like (for example: Fenix, VNS…)
– You can enter as many entries as you like, but you’ll only be eligible for one prize
– Any kind of entry is allowed (ports, games, emulators, apps, libs…)
– Adding source code to the submission will get you bonus points.

Your submission should include docs, screenshots of title screen and ingame screen, and, if you choose to do so, the source.

Judges are diabol, donskeeto, mr_spiv and squidge.

First Prize: 1 GP32 BLU+
Second Prize: 1 Wonderswan Color
Third Prize: 1 C64g

You can DIGG the story here: