Just recieved some exclusive news from CHN including a private beta of a Plus4 Emulator for GP32 (the emulator itself is unnamed and unreleased yet!). The emulator works quite well and it’s a bit difficult to handle, but it’s just a question of time until you know how to handle it 🙂 These screenshots were taken in a hurry with GeePee (GP32 Emu) and are copyrighted by Kojote! You are welcome to use them on your site if you give credits and a link. Please do not link the pictures directly from PDroms!!! Okay now to the lines CHN wrote:

Hello,I’m currently working on a portable Commodore Plus/4 emulator for the GP32. It is right now fairly complete – it implements rasterline-basted TED emulation, D64 disk image support, automatic starting of most PRGs off the SMC or a D64 image, full keyboard and Joystick emulation, screen brightness control and sound emulation. The speed is about 80-90% at 133MHz, including sound, but further optimizations will be done. The emulator will be released to the public on my website when the ADIC 2002 competition is over 😉

[Images are not available anymore, lost while converting the PDR database in autum 2007]

[UPDATE] I had to mark the pictures, because somone tooked it without giving credits (You know who you are!). It seems it’s worse to give something away for free without any mark 🙁 Well… in case you need the pictures without pdroms sign, feel free to e-mail me!