rlyeh is leaving the GP32/GP2x scene. He is known for a bunch of emulators and his Minimal Library.


Hello GP32/GP2X community,

If you receive this mail is probably because you contacted with me some (long) time ago probably about my GP32 emulators, the GP2X reminiscence port, or maybe the GP2X minimal library SDK.

The bad news is that I won’t finish anything ever. I’m publicly leaving the GP32/GP2X scene as you’re reading this. I got a sexy girl and no time enough for handhelds, I’ve been idling too much since 2005, and I’m more interested lately in other fields (next-gen videogame creation mainly).

The good news is that I’ve decided to release my GP2X Minimal Library SDK v0.C (WIP ) as is it. I’ve created some sourceforge projects for those guys interested at continuing / improving my work. My webpage is also slowing changing to a new version, and focusing on community and opensource mainly. In the next days I’ll be releasing there many emulators and different software I’ve done in the past years.

Hope you don’t blame for all the missing projects I left on the road: f-day, HPL, and a few GP32 emulators.

I’d like to thank the old #retrodev/#gp32dev/#gp2xdev guys for the good old years.

It was ace to code those 14 GP32 emulators at same time when I had the time to do it. I won’t forget ever the support you guys gave me all the time.

Wish you the best, and keep up the good work!

The future will bring exciting things, but that may be another story.

– rlyeh