The Giana’s Return Team is currently working on a remake of the TI-83 Jump’N’Run puzzler “SQRXZ” using graphics from the J2ME version in a “classic” mode, but also fully redrawn deluxe graphics. The screenshot below shows the classic graphics.

Here is a quote from the Giana’s Return page:

We are heavily working on Project “S”! The game is fully playable, minor features and little bit of bugfixing is left. Our current intern version is v0.5!

We will be releasing for most major systems such as GP2x, Wiz, GP32, Dreamcast, Dingoo Linux (Dingux), Windows, Wii, PSP and possibly other systems. As we do have permission from the copyright holder and creator, we shouldn’t be running into any problems releasing for the systems mentioned above.

Prepare for the possibly hardest Jump’N’Run puzzler you have every played! If you can’t handle this game, you better go and play golf