Reesy updated DrSMS, a Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator, to Version 2.

Release notes:


I’ve done a minor update to the Caanoo DrSMS port. DrSMS is a Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear emulator, the download is below.


Deadzone configuration for Caanoo analogue joystick.
There is now a option on the main menu to allow you to configure the deadzone, this setting can be saved to disk so you should only have to set this up once.

Quick saves now save to disk.
When your press R, the emulator will now create a save state and save this to disk. You can change which save state slot is used by changing the new “Default Save State Slot” options found in the SMS or GG options screen.

Installation Instructions

Extract the contents of the release zip file to the apps directory on your SD card.
Copy your zipped or unzipped SMS/GG roms anywhere you want on the SD card..just remember where you put them.

DrSMS should now appear on your Caanoo APPS menu, select it to launch it.

The menu is pretty straight forward, just go to the SMS or GG rom select option.
Browse to where you stored your roms and select the game you want.

In Game Keys

X = SMS Button 1
B = SMS Button 2
I – SMS Pause Button / GG Start Button
L – Quick Load
R – Quick Save
Home – Enter Menu

Thats about it, just leave a post here if you get stuck and someone will help you.