GPFCE is a Nintendo Entertainment Systeme (NES) emulator for Caanoo.

Release notes:

Updated by Rikku2000:
Fixed clock setting, sw scaling, and rotation code. Pickle
Fixed clock setting, Caanoo Controls and remove rotation code. Rikku2000

Disclaimer: This Wiz port is only for test purposes! It was done by Pickle and Orkie (Thanks guys!).
The original code was done by notaz. Don’t blame him for any problem occur with this port!
This product don’t come with the “Notaz Seal Of Quality (TM)” 😉

Path and filename changed, icon added and edited, shortcuts, Wiz menu fixed, zipped
and uploaded by sbock. So blame me… 🙂

Original code: notaz (Great work, as always…)
Wiz port: Pickle, Orkie
Caanoo port: Rikku2000
Libcastor: Orkie

Thanks to Dejunai for tips for the exit solution…