The sheriff took your guns, nobody believes your cousin Clem the town drunk as to what he saw and who’s been rustling and butchering the local cows. Hell they’d already assumed it was him since he and his brother’s BBQ Hut has been having a sale on brisket all summer. Only you believe him and you’re tanked up and crazy enough to help try to stop them since they’ve been sucking the blood out of your livelihood, the herd. Clem was all star quarterback until that bull riding accident broke his knees so he can only throw forward and it’s up to you to put him in position by maneuvering your truck just so but he can throw up to 60 yards accurately and you have a whole monster truck load of axe handles and pitchforks. Honk the horn to herd the cows, maybe frighten an alien and try not to hit any cows or wreck the truck since the aim of the game is to defend the herd. The way them aliens been attacking your cows the truck may be all you have left by end of summer. Oh and be sure to avoid that death ray when the aliens start tagging up the place with them crop circles.