Locomalito‘s game L’Abbaye des Morts ported to Caanoo by Farox! The gameplay is directly inspired by Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

Release notes:

Just updated the archive with a new version for Caanoo (hope to see updated soon). In this version I have fixed a bug that allowed to jump when you are crouched. Now I have added B for jump so now you can use X or B to jump.

Trying to gain some more speed I have tested to init SDL with a 22050 sampling rate (to gain some cpu cycle) but with this the sound effect didn’t sound good (to be honest the only jump.ogg sound is playing strange) but for this version I have reverted to 44100Khz so we colud gain some little speed but maybe in a next version.

Anyway the speed is really improved from the last revision.