Quake port for the Caanoo by Pickle with enhancements from Rikku2000.


– Add 3G Sensor
– Add command cl_sensor disable 3G Sensor
– Add command cl_sensor_x setup the 3G Sensor X-Axis
– Add command cl_sensor_y setup the 3G Sensor Y-Axis
– Change Touchfields to W, A, S, D keys
– Manuel Maplist change to Autodetect Maplist (Check the Maps dir for BSP Files)
– Manual Modlist change to Autodetect Modlist (Check the Quake-root and can select Floders as Mod)
– Add option for Custom Textures
– Add Alpha Channel to Half-Life Maps
– Add CD Music use .wav as music.
– Fixed Gamma adjuster.
– Add cl_footsteps, r_drawworld, r_drawsky and gl_fullbright
– Add Footstep and Swim Sounds
– Add r_mapshots
– Add Footsteps and Models Interpolate to Advance menu