Snes9x4C is a SNES emulator based upon SNES9x.

Release notes:

* only if no ROM is specified during startup via: ./Snes9x4D.gpe romfile.smc
– CHEAT (*.cht files) support added
* put a *.cht files for your ROMs into the SRAM Folder “.snes96_snapshots”
– Bugfixes and Menu fixes
– Soundbug when quitting removed
– NETPLAY Client support added (not playable yet – only for testing)
* someone have to host a Snes9x session (Snes9x-1.52_fix4 <- tested and best compatibility * later i will add this to inGame Menu * you have to adjust the Snes9x4C_Net.gpu and rename to Snes9x4C.gpu