A list of entrants has been published, soon we can count with the following new fine products for our beloved Wiz.

Ginge (notaz) [New emulator]
PCSX4ALL (Franxis & Chui) [New emulator]
PocketSnes v7.0.0 (Bitrider) [Updated emulator]
WS4ALL (Puck2099) [New emulator]

Agressive Pong (EugeneP)
Before We Were Dead (Daniel Eriksson & Marcus Fredriksson)
Coapres (endaramiz)
Coral Sea (Isidor)
Cubex (Thor)
Firewhip (Coelophysis)
Fy.WoD! (Schnatterplatsch)
Guru Logic Champs (Ian Price)
Ken’s Labyrinth (Pickle)
Operation Fenix (Colombian Developers)
OTO Engine (Nuria)
Polarity (TJ Hooka)
RotaCuadre (Melow)
Screen Break Time (Futublog, Fede, PrinceMegahit & Drumpi)
Sqrxz (Thor, Kojote & Others)
TankRobot (Neurox)
Wiz Shooter (JQJDE)
Zombie Sorbet (Linda Randazzo & Andre T. Johansen)