glezmen ported his old game Brikx to the Wiz. It is still in alpha phase, but playable. There are currently 22 levels.


– The goal is to remove all the stones by moving them in various ways. If at least two tiles with the same color touches each other (they are adjacent), they will disappear.
– You can move any tile by moving the cursor onto it using the DPad, and pressing L or R shoulder button to move it left/right
– In some levels you can use special modes, like wall building, swapping tiles, etc. These modes are listed on the right. You can change mode by moving the mode-cursor with the A/B/X/Y buttons, and activate a mode by pressing SELECT. Using a mode other than normal move reduces your score! And the levels can limit which modes you can use (with Easy difficulty only your score is the limit)
– Your time is limited, if it’s over, the level is automatically restarted if you have enough points to use Restart (the timeout system will be changed, most probably there will be no timeout, only the bonus scores will decrease if you spend more time with finishing a level)
– You can get a short but useful help by clicking (tapping) on the question mark on game screen or choosing Help from the main menu