You are a small, modern boy who finds himself in a magical land. Dr. Malvado, whose name means Evil in Spanish language, rules in this world and he should be stopped by you, because you are a good boy. But in your perilous mission different opponents will prevent you from doing this. Such opponents are bears, wasps, spiders, ghosts, etc. and any contact with them means your death. Fortunately, you are not limited by 1 life but by 3 lives and sometimes may be increased with bonus life. To progress in the game, you (represented in 2D side-scrolling view) should move left/right, jump over obstacles and on the opponents to kill them, collect the bagels, reach the checkpoints to resume the game from such place, and going from level to level. There are 3 levels in the game, and you should show as high score as possible. [Text by ],0,0,0,35,270