For all of those who are after the latest GP2x WIZ Firmware, here is v1.1 for your records and of course for your WIZ too 🙂

Release notes:

Official new update:

1. Change file system for stable NAND access – Now, it causes longer boot-up time
2. Better Flash engine – Speed improved especially for font-included contents
3. Pop-up for multi-task
4. Hold mode now turns screen automatically during playing music.
5. Separate version numbering – 1.1.0 for Menu, revision 222 for firmware.
6. Additional functions – Image number on upper-right corner of Photo Viewer (current/total) – Selectable font size for e-book reader – Lock icon on main menu for hold mode
7. Miscellaneous internal system fixes

How to upgrade
1. Extract and copy files to root folder of your SD – (6 files – polluxb, uImage, uImageUP, update.gz, vfat.img, wiz_ubifs.img) * You’d better have 1GB freespace for your SD since total size is about 800MB.
2. Insert SD and turn on your Wiz with pressing R button
3. You can release R button after upgrade screeen appeared
4. Upgrade will take about 15 minutes
5. You must re-calibrate your touch-screen; the previous value is initiallized.

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