GamePark Holdings released a new Firmware version for the Wiz.

Release notes:

1. Performance Improvement
A. Clock Settings
B. SD Card in/out adjustment

2. Function Addition
A. WiFi connection

? How to upgrade Firmware ?

1. Copy Paste the firmware file into your SD Card
A. Warning : Make sure your SD Card is above 1GB.

2. Insert SD Card and press R Button and turn on your device for upgrade.

3. Release the R Button when Firmware upgrade screen appears.

4. It takes 15 min for upgrade.

5. If firmware has been properly updated then reboot it. Set value of touch panel is initialized by the update therefore revise the setting value of touch panel in environment setting.

6. If you see following message, try it again by switching off and on. If you still have the same problem then try it again by replacing SD card..

7. If all completed, delete those files copied to SD memory.

? If battery discharges during upgrading firmware, it may cause damage to product. Therefore battery must be fully charged or secure stable electric power using USB cable before start to upgrade firmware.

? Some pictures on the screen may be broken during patching firmware. It will output normally after completion of patching.,0,0,0,42,488