We at pdroms.de had the pleasure to conduct an interview with Mr. Tony Han, Marketing Manager at GamePark Holdings. The interview is leaving the very past behind and tries to concentrate on the upcoming “GP2x Wiz”, which we will just call “Wiz” in the interview.

PDRoms: Hello Mr. Han. You are the new Marketing Manager for international affairs at GamePark Holdings. How do you like your new responsibility?
Mr. Han: It’s great to work at Gamepark Holdings. I will do my best to make our costumers satisfied and let everyone know what the GP2X Wiz is about. This is my main responsibility here.

PDRoms: As the Wiz is the third handheld from GamePark Holdings, what did you do better than at the previous models, namely the GP2x and GP32.
Mr. Han: The Wiz is more powerful, it’s best to compare the specifications between the GP2X and Wiz so everybody can discover the upgrades we have made.

PDRoms: The English support from GamePark Holdings is said not to be the best, how do you want to disprove this common opinion?
Mr. Han: In the beginning of GamePark Holdings we did not have a team which took take care of our international matters, now we do have such a team. I have many ideas and I am pretty sure that things will be a lot better for international costumers and developers in the near future.

PDRoms: Are there plans to support the international developer scene?
Mr. Han: Yes, there are. We have been working on concepts of how to support developers, but have not settled on something firm as yet. As soon as we have a decent plan we will let everyone know about it.

PDRoms: Did you realize that there are already hobby programmers who released software for the Wiz? Albion, Warcraft, Quake and even emulator ports to play Arcade games or classic C64 games?
Mr. Han: Yes, we are aware of this. I am really surprised and happy to see programmers picking up and accepting the Wiz so fast.

PDRoms: Besides homebrew, do you have plans to offer commercial games? If so, with how many launch titles the community can count?
Mr. Han: We have plans to bring out commercial games. There will be three launch titles for the beginning; another three games are planed by end of August and two more by end of this year. The games will have a high standard and can be considered quality games. We prefer quality over quantity.

PDRoms: If we look at the famous AppStore concept from Apple, does GamePark Holdings have similar plans for national and international developers?
Mr. Han: Yes, we are working on this too. We are also trying our best to communicate with international known developers.

PDRoms: Your main market is Korea and Asia – Are you proud to see your product gets attention worldwide, such in Europe and America?
Mr. Han: Yes, we are. I am really happy that everybody is getting to know what Wiz is. We want everyone in the world to know what a Wiz is and present its high quality. Whoever is using the Wiz is a person who has detail knowledge about software and hardware. GamePark Holdings is a game company for everybody, we share ideas and we listen to the players more than ever.

PDRoms: How big is the initial batch of Wiz handhelds and is it there stock left or is it sold out?
Mr. Han: We produced 2500 handhelds, whereas almost all of them are already sold to retail shops or wholesaler. The second production batch will be larger than the first.

PDRoms: Does GamePark Holdings plans any kind of official coding competition for Wiz devices?
Mr. Han: Yes, we do! There will be a programming competition.

PDRoms: We know you are busy with the launch of the Wiz, so we thank you for your time and for your answers. Good Luck with the Wiz!
Mr. Han: Thank you! Please come back anytime if you want to know more about the Wiz.

Thanks to Dave/ModSupplier for the english proof reading!