Franxis ported the latest GP2x MAME (v1.6) over to the Wiz. MAME stansd for “multiple arcade machine emulator”.

Release notes:

– Download and install MAME4ALL for the Gp2x.
– Remove old files in the ‘frontend’ folder.
– Overwrite the Gp2x executables with the Wiz ones.
– Try it.

It is based in the last version of MAME4ALL for the Gp2x (1.6). It has almost everything working…

– Only 22 khz sound seems to work correctly.
– If the emulator doesn’t reach 100% of speed, the sound is choppy (i haven’t been able to run the sound thread and synchronization code, the sound is updated in the MAME thread). Performance hit.
– Several code is also not optimal, to be improved.
– For now the performance is almost the same as the gp2x one, to be improved.

This version is preliminary and experimental!. A lot of aspects have to be improved and optimized yet!. Please no Wiz Vs Pandora benchmarks!. Please DO NOT POST THIS ARCHIVE it in the news!