Franxis updated MAM4ALL for GP2x and Wiz. MAME stands for “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


Changes by Franxis:
– WIZ: Added VSync option. Thanks to Exophase.
– WIZ: 120 Hz video mode is used to solve issues with latest firmware 1.1.0 and to improve the performance with VSync option
enabled. Also the diagonal line is less noticeable. Thanks Exophase and Notaz for the pollux_set library.
– WIZ: Relaced MMUHack by wARM kernel module. Thanks to Notaz.
– WIZ: Added option to enable RAM tweaks to gain more speed. Thanks to Notaz for the pollux_set library.
– WIZ: The option to fix completely the diagonal line is now accesible in the “Video Aspect” menu.
– WIZ: More upper memory is available because the video frame-buffers are placed in the kernel part of the upper memory
(located at 0x2A00000).
– Improved controls: Defender, Stargate, Vindicators, Battle Zone, Sarge, Assault, TNK III, Ikari Warriors, Victory Road,
Guerrilla War, Bermuda Triangle, Heavy Barrel, Midnight Resistance, Robotron, Inferno, Splat!, Forgotten Worlds, Gondomania,
Mad Planets, Top Gunner, Tron, Kozmik Kroozr, Discs of Tron, Crater Raider, Zwackery, Search and Rescue, Ikari III,
Time Soldiers, Battle Field, Aztarac, Black Widow, Rescue Rider, Crazy Climber 2, Bandido, Sheriff, Smash T.V., Total Carnage,
Wild Western, Front Line, The Tin Star, Mars, Rescue, Minefield, Lost Tomb, Space Dungeon, The Return of Ishtar, Crazy Climber,
Cloak & Dagger, Fire Trap, Krull, Screw Loose, Karate Champ.
– Fixed crashes in Midway games using TMS34010 CPU (caused by unaligned memory accesses). Also the CPU frequencies
have been tweaked to gain speed.
– Added access to the profiler (L+MENU) and the FPS counter (R+SELECT).

Changes by Slaanesh:
– New romsets added: Momoko 120% (momoko), Fire Truck (firetrk), Fairyland Story (flstory), Fairyland Story (Japan) (flstoryj),
Kuri Kinton (World) (kurikint), Kuri Kinton (prototype) (kurikina), Play Girls (plgirls), Play Girls 2 (plgirls2), Cuby Bop (cubybop),
Tube-It (tubeit), Raimais (Japan) (raimais).
– Improved sound in Taito L-System drivers. This adds sounds to some games where it was previously missing (ie. Fighting Hawk).
– Sound improved in X-Men. Added K05439 sound CPU support.