Franxis updated MAM4ALL for GP2x and Wiz. MAME stands for “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


– Added full image scaling (Rampage, Popeye, Super Sprint, etc).
Horizontal scaling with linear filtering is still used internally when applicable.
– More Neo·Geo games are playable, e.g. Art of Fighting 3, Fatal Fury and Pulstar.
Still some games run in the GP2X and not in the WIZ due to lack of memory.
(blazstar, kof96, mslug2, ninjamas, ragnagrd, rbff1 and shocktro)
– Upper memory is used as primary memory for all memory allocations. If the upper memory
is full, the Linux memory is used instead. Strangely the emulator is faster using this
approach and it avoids lock-ups.
– No more lock-ups when exiting from games to the frontend (e.g. Out Run, Shinobi, etc).

The GP2x version has not been updated yet!