Zilli “RZZ” Roberto updated his game “Mission Failed”. It’s an oldschool 2D spacer shooter with graphics ripped from various games.


– Your option settings will be saved
– 2 different difficulty levels: Normal (as before) and Easy (smaller ship hitbox,
slower enemy fire, less enemy fire..)
– You can choose wich level to play, once completed
– Added a mini-game once finished the game:
* In mini-game there are 2 kinds of asteroids: brown and grey. You have to destroy more asteroids as possible, but if a gray asteroid escapes, the game in over. 1 live, infinie ammo.
– Added a simple tutorial, in level 1, wich invites you to use the correct weapon
– Longer invincibility time after death
– The period of invincibility is indicated by a graphic effect.