EvilDragon, who has been with GamePark Holdings, at the recently held Games Convention Online (GCO) 2009 in Leipzig, has some interesting news.


* FunGP:
The Appstore FunGP will go online sometime between October and December (the date is not fixed yet).

You can download games using GP Points. First you buy GP Points from one of the distributors which you can then use at FunGP to get the games.

Thy not directly from GPH, you might wonder? Well, it’s pretty complicated in Korea to accept foreign credt card payments. Therefore, this is the best way to get those games.

Additionally, some distributors offer different payment systems (German Bank Transfer, etc.) which you can also use to buy these points, no credit card needed.

While the first releases at FunGP will most probably be games from partner developers, it’s also possible for independent- or homebrew-game-developers to sell their games via FunGP for a few bucks.

Of course, the free File Archive will stay, this is just an opportunity for indie game developers to sell more complex games they would not want to release for free.

FunGP will need ActiveX for the first months. In Korea, about 99% are using Internet Explorer. Linux or even Firefox are not very common there, so it’s not that easy to get developers that DON’T use ActiveX.

However, GPH does want to make it compatible with every browser and OS in the future.

Every registered user at FunGP can write reviews for the games.

Here are a few of the first games that will be released: Propis (Puzzlegame), Deicide 3 (basically a visual novel / movie where you can decide how the plot will continue), Break Through (Her Knights 2), an enhanced version of Blood Cross (adding Multiplayer) and Wiz Party (similar to Mario Party).

GPH will announce more games soon.

FunGP will also offer a multiplayernetwork, which can be used with the WiFi-Dongle. This allows playing games like Blood Cross, Wiz Party or Propis agains other users worldwide… we really should do some game competitions here at the board!

Another interesting thing is that GPH plans to license some ROMS for emulators. I doubt Sega or Nintendo might license anything, but some Arcade-companies already licensed some of their games to other companies, so it might work out here.
This could make it possible to legally emulate some Arcade classics!

Many did ask for the SDK – but it’s not ready yet. Tony promised me to release an official SDK until the end of the year.

They also plan on selling the devboards (serial out, TV out, USB Host on a board, which can be connected to the EXT Port. Similar to the F100/F200 cradle).

* WiFi Dongle
The WiFi Dongle is basically finished and should be released within the next months. It does offer WiFi and using FunGP multiplayer gaming.

I don’t have a price yet.

* F300 and other WIZs
The F300 (a WIZ in an F200 case) is currently being worked on. It should be released just in time for christmas.

It might also happen, that the WIZ will be available in different colors shortly before christmas.

The same text, just in german, can be found here: http://forum.gp2x.de/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=7655