Here are some news from the overseas sales manager Tony Han.


Dear all,

The “Video Clip Competition” has been canceled because we simply did not receive any submissions.
I would like to apologize for not announcing anything directly after deadline,
when the due date arrived – there was still hope to get at least one late entry.
It seems the “surprise prize” idea did not motivate enough.

For now we concentrate on the “Coding Competition”
and might reactivate the “Video Clip Competition” at a later time.

The reason why we delayed the coding compo was because we are still working on the English SDK manual guide.
Once it is ready, we will also announce the coding competition.

Some of you might ask news about FunGP too. The site should be open by end of Q1/2010 for developers.
The FunGP store will also hold the SDK manual and other things required programming the Wiz.

Thank you for understanding and a happy new year!

Tony Han
Overseas Sale Manager