One More Music Player Client is a music player by Coder_TimT.


– Really fixed db update crash(I think…)
– Monospace font in seek bar to avoid seek bar jumping around
– Skin crystal(default is crystal_ts which was oriented for trying to use the touchscreen with your fingers) with smaller font. I’m pretty sure the font is temporary as it doesn’t look that terribly great. I left it in play because it supports Korean in UTF-8…I don’t know if that is going to solve any issues or not because I’m not sure if what I’m trying to print in the nowplaying are is UTF-8 encoded anyway…but with this font in place we can try…
– Added date and bitrate to the song information display(touch the album art in the now playing screen if you haven’t found that yet…)
– Workaround was found for the “detach client” crash: Simply turn off the “Keytone Volume” of the Wiz menu