PSX4ALL hits the Wiz!

Release notes:

Hello from ZodTTD,

I’m the lead developer of psx4all. I got a Wiz yesterday and compiled my latest sources for the Wiz.

Some notes on running:
– The psx bios should be titled scph1001.bin (all lowercase!) and placed in the same directory as the included GPE.
– To exit the emulator press both volume buttons.
– To enter the menu system while in a game press L+R+SELECT+START
– Framerate counter is all messed up, especially with frameskip on.
– There’s no framelimiting, but I don’t think it’s required at this point. 😛

– Save states sorta work. 😉
– It’s faster than psx4wiz (which is a port of my older sources) on here. I need to contact Hardyx and see if he would like to join forces. 😉
– Sound works but probably really choppy. It’s off by default.