Railroad Rampage is a cross between an arcade game and a strategy game. It is similiar in construction to many “Tower Defence” games, but it has a twist : here, you are part of the action and can affect the game in many different ways more than just building structures. Bandits are trying to rob your train and steal all precious cargo! Thankfully, you are a skilled engineer who can construct many different kinds of turrets and use them to defend your train. You have to make it through 20 waves of relentless enemy assault before you reach your destination, so plan ahead and devise a smart strategy and you may survive!


* Added five new levels and a new final boss.
* Some levels have thunderstorms with lightning that strikes turrets.
* Sombreros now also work as lightning rods.
* Added a manual in PDF format.
* Some big optimizations.
* Loads of balance and bug fixes.
* Many other usability tweaks, like :
* – Keyboard shortcuts for opening menus can be used in all versions.
* – Game can be exited immediately at the main menu by pressing ESC again.
* – Menus will not fold out when dragging a star.
* – Screen mode can be switched from fullscreen to windowed and back again using the F-key.
* – Volume controls should work on Wiz now.
* – Switching turrets is less sensitive.