One day when Smallball woke up he discovered that Nasties had stolen all of his friends happyspirits! Without the HPs all of Smallballs friends was as braindead as zombies! Gather all of the HPs before the Nasties gets you too! But beware, you are in changeland where natural laws change constantly!

Release notes:

Since the Fenix-runtime works well on the Wiz, I decided to port some of my games to it. For my older games, the GP2X-versions should work fine on the Wiz as well.

However, some of my newer games had a few features which I excluded from the GP2X-versions due to lack of speed. But since the Wiz is a lot faster, these games might work fine even with those features included.

I decided to start with Smallball in Changeland. This version has all the background-effects the PC version has and looks a lot better than the GP2X version. If it runs fast enough, that is. Since I don’t have a Wiz yet, I cannot test it. But if anyone here would like to test the game and see how well/fast it runs, that would be great!