One day when Smallball woke up he discovered that Nasties had stolen all of his friends happyspirits! Without the HPs all of Smallballs friends was as braindead as zombies! Gather all of the HPs before the Nasties gets you too! But beware, you are in changeland where natural laws change constantly!

Release notes:

Thanks for all the good ideas! I know this game isn’t very optimized, but the reason for that is mostly because it was made just for fun in between some bigger projects. Thus I never tried to optimize the code much at all.

Ruckage, your first method shouldn’t be too hard to implement. I might try that, I think I know how to make it only draw tiles at the correct positions. As for the second idea, I was thinking about doing something like that once, but I decided it would be a bit too complicated for such a small game.

It’s true there are some really cool tricks to make it all run fast. I have learned a bit more of them since I made this game, but it certainly could run better. Btw, I’m really impressed with the games you have made, Ruckage. I hadn’t thought about that they were made in Fenix. It would be interesting to hear how you made that waving background. Is the game copying each line of pixels and then pasting it again a few pixels away and repeating that all over the screen? Because I did something like that once, to create a “melting” effect.

Peter R, you mean I should put the processes to sleep until they are activated? That might work. It would be less to draw, but still as much to check collision against. But as you say, in combination with the other ideas it might work.

As for now, I have made a version which uses pre-drawn tiles instead of alpha.

If it is not running fast enough now though, I might try some of the other methods.

I have another game almost done for the GP2X/Wiz which I’d rather release first and Ill also want to try porting Epic Rocks to the Wiz. It should run better, since I already did some optimization on it.