Tony Han, Overseas Sales/Marketing Manager at GPH had the chance to meet up with “the father of video games” Ralph Baer ( ).

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At Game Convention Online 2009, recently held in Leipzig, Germany, Gamepark Holdings Co., Ltd had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ralph H. Bear. As most of you might be aware is, that Mr. Ralph H. Baer is known as “the father of video games”. He was responsible for the development of “Brown Box”, which started in 1966. The “Brown Box” got released as what we all know as Odyssey 2 game console nowadays. The Odyssey 2 had its official release in 1972.

While Mr. Tony Han (GPH Overseas Sale Manager) had a discussion with Mr. Ralph H. Baer about the GP2x Wiz, he showed a lot of interest, because he sees great potential. Mr. Ralph H. Baer was pretty much sure, that many developers will enjoy the inside technical aspect of the GP2x Wiz, which will cheer up many developers, but also users. He compared the GP2x Wiz with the Nintendo DS and a PSP and just smiled and said: “The GP2X Wiz is small, but also big, compared to the other handheld consoles”.

Mr. Tony Han and Mr. Ralph H. Baer had a great time and also captured the moment in form of a picture.

Thanks to Tony Han himself for the news.