Win2X is an alternative frontend for the Wiz, that points in improving users experience over the default Wiz frontend.


> Added recovery screen (Press and hold R at Win2X startup)
> Added GPH apps taskbar button for desktop and apps window(with no extra link files and the scripts are self-created.)
> Fixed overclocking (now runs on the default 533Mhz)
> Improved font appearance
> Added image rotation for Slideshow(see documentation)
> Changed desktop time to 24H format
> Added desktop icons text
> Expanded start menu response area
> Added custom icon auto-save
> Changed explorer list sort to alphabetical
> Added taskbar icon and touch screen support for explorer pop-up menu
> Fixed explorer copy/paste/delete/rename function. Now supports filenames with spaces
> Explorer R key mapped to “navigate the selected folder”
> Improved explorer list scrolling
> Other minor changes and fixes.