A few people were not happy with the two D-Pads, which looked quite odd for most of us.

Gamepark Holdings decided to work out minor things, but these will result into a shipping delay of few weeks.

Read on what Evildragon told us earlier today:

Some of you may know GPH and me are currently at the IFA exhibition in Berlin.
We had quite some conversations during the last days – and I’m really happy to announce the following:

The 2nd DPad of the Wiz will be replaced with 4 proper buttons! AND the 2.5mm headphone jack will be replaced with a 3.5mm one.

So the only flaws I could see with this system will be fixed!
On the downside it means that the release of the Wiz will be delayed for 30 days (so it will be shipped in November), but I think that’s best.

If you like that decision, you can use this thread to thank GPH, as they will be reading it!