Wizznic is an implementation of the arcade-classic Puzznic, written for the GP2x Wiz, Linux and Windows. All Puzznic levels are removed from the main pack, and there are now 82 levels, most which are totally new and finally there’s music!


Changed Wiz default clock to 500 mhz instead of 400 to improve performance.
When completing a pack, PACKNAME/finished.png is loaded and shown instead of wall-o-text.
However, another wall-o-text is shown if there is no finished.png in the pack.
Moved some levels around, removed some levels. 80 levels total.
Added optional WxH argument to tools/updatelevelpreviews.sh to generate images of given size,
while not useful in the game, they are useful for sorting levels (using an image-viewing app to browse them)
“Commercial” for the pack function. in the start of some levels.
Level editor now reads and writes all level properties, including optional ones.
Updated readme.
Updated data/empty.wzp so it contains all level properties, and comments explaining their function and usage.
Added another intro level to teleports, added intro-images to those levels.
Updated the cursor in the NES pack.
Removed “template” pack, it does nothing that the main pack does not show allready.
Fixed music changing in intermediate screens (“Level Stats” and “Entering Level”).
Fixed crash that could happen when entering highscores.
Updated ports list (gee, someone ported it to a phone, neat..)
Updated changelog and decided to use X.Y.Z versioning.
Program now calls SDL_Quit() on exit (resets screen-resolution if in fullscreen)
tools/releaser.sh now generates the src package witout src-graphics, instead it generates a srcgfx tarball seperately.
moved the unused theme graphics into src graphics..