Adventus released a new beta of his Wargus port for GP2x. Wargus is a Warcraft 2 Engine Re-Implementation.


– Beta Testers have been experiencing some saving inconsistancies, so far i have been unable to track down the problem. From my experience it seems to only screw up when you haven’t built any buildings beyond what is initially on the map. So, for now, make sure you’ve built a building before you attempt to save.
– Loading the campaign screen with the scrolling text can take a little while, maybe 30 sec, so don’t assume its crashed.
– If the screen begins flickering (and it bothers you) goto preferences and move the game speed slider down. It seems to be related to attempting to updating the
screen too fast for the graphics system to keep up with.
– There are some inconsistancies with the objectives and what the actually need to finish a map. Usually when this occurs you just need to kill all the enemy units.,0,0,0,20,2658