M-HT released an update to his Albion remake for GP2x. Datafiles from the original Albion game (v1.38) are still required and do not come with the download package.


Changes by M-HT:
* the directory which contains the files from Albion CD, must be a subdirectory in the main Albion directory
(or somewhere in the Albion directory tree)
* minor bug fixes
* minor optimalizations
+ added direct adjustment of GP2X volume through /dev/mixer

Changes by Senor Quack:
+ Multiple configuration files supported
+ F200 touchscreen support for both left and right-handed users
* More flexible button remapping
+ Interpolated screen scaling is now togglable. When a button is mapped to
this new command and is pressed, screen scaling is toggled off and the
middle 320 pixels of the game`s internal 360-pixel-wide framebuffer are
blitted to the screen, allowing users to read text dialogs more easily
+ When using USB mouse/keyboard, the mouse scrollwheel toggles scaling on/off
+ New optional screen scaling for TV-out mode (see configuration files) so
all of screen is now visible in TV mode
+ New icons