Battlejewels is simple to pick up — just match coloured mana gems together to clear them — and gives you a lot of meat to chew on as you play more. Delve into the game.. theres lots to fiddle with! There are dozens of gem-swapping games out there, but lets face it – you can play Bejewelled for hours on end, but why? Just to clear the level? Fine and good, they perfected the form. But in Battle Jewels you can clear the level, and smash the opponent too. Its as simple or as complex as you want .. play to clear, play to win, or play to level up.


o Load and Save slots — you can have 4 saves now, so you can try more classes out for instance
o New Friar class — mostly pure defence with a heal-over-time, damage reflection shield and cure-poison spells
o Some interesting new mechanics; damage over time, poison over time, heal over time, and some other buffs/debuffs, including some simple (not-finalized) icons
o The Knave can fire a poison dart; not sure if he is now overpowered, or if all the classes balance when played their respective way; when I add more opponents, and start gearing them up as you gear up it shouldprove interesting…