Skeezix has updated his game Battlejewels.

Battlejewels is simple to pick up — just match coloured mana gems together to clear them — and gives you a lot of meat to chew on as you play more. Delve into the game.. theres lots to fiddle with! There are dozens of gem-swapping games out there, but lets face it – you can play Bejewelled for hours on end, but why? Just to clear the level? Fine and good, they perfected the form. But in Battle Jewels you can clear the level, and smash the opponent too. Its as simple or as complex as you want .. play to clear, play to win, or play to level up.

Release notes:

A lot of internal and visible changes have gone on here; mostly its about levelling up and everything to do with that. Its quite a lot going on .. how fast to level up? (too fast is boring, too slow is annoying); scaling up opponents (so they’re not too hard, not too easy); adding spells and gear, and all that junk. New spells and gear are yet to be done and the opponent only partially scales up (he gets some naive skillups, but not yet any gearups or spellups, since they’re not entered yet smile.gif

Still, you can level up, increasing your skills in many ways, and buying spells as you go (you start with no spells, so even have to buy your basics that you’re used to.)

Obviously the existing spells will become underpowered as you level up, but you can help trial out the levelling up system and let me know how the opponents fare against you and so forth 🙂