Battlejewels is simple to pick up — just match coloured mana gems together to clear them — and gives you a lot of meat to chew on as you play more. Delve into the game.. theres lots to fiddle with! There are dozens of gem-swapping games out there, but lets face it – you can play Bejewelled for hours on end, but why? Just to clear the level? Fine and good, they perfected the form. But in Battle Jewels you can clear the level, and smash the opponent too. Its as simple or as complex as you want .. play to clear, play to win, or play to level up.

Author release notes:

All four classes have spells up through level 10 which ought to take awhile to get to; theres a pile of gear (some 100 items give or take) defined, across those levels as well and crafted for differing purposes so you can customize your avatar. The opponent scaler tries to match your gear a little so you don’t overpower the AI purely on that basis. And heck, if your’e a gold farmer you can buy more skills and spells at the store to reward oyur time investment. Lots of tweaks to combat and so forth, and nabbed that crash bug I introduced back in 053..

So overall I think this should be pretty interesting to fiddle with, and hopefully stable. But I’m betting after a fw levels it could get unbalanced.. as with all these new spells and gear, we need playtesting to sort out what is over or underpowered. Please help.. play till your knuckles bleed and you’ve got carpal