Imerion has released a GP2x-F200 game, but he himself, hasn’t one. If anyone wants to help beta testing, feel free to do so.

Release notes:

Hello everyone! I just finished a touch-screen based game for the F200. Problem is, I don’t have one myself so I am not certain if it works. Could someone help me test it and tell me how the touch-screen controls work?

I also need ideas for the game. It was mostly made as a test, but if people like it I might continue to work on it for a while. Here are the stuff I am still planning to implement :

* Non-touchscreen controls for all other GP2X units.
* Background music.
* Some better graphics. Especially the birds needs a redo.

And here are a few ideas of what could be implemented, if anyone wants it :

* Different levels with different backdrops and obstacles.
* Different types of birds, or perhaps something else to shoot at. (Targets, balloons, etc)

Any feedback is appreciated. More info can be found in the included ReadMe.